Renovating for profit. 6 tips for success

The DIY property renovation craze has been spurred on in a huge way by popular TV shows like ‘The Block’ and ‘Renovation Rescue’. If you want to purchase a house that needs some TLC with a view to making a profit, here are some key tips that will help to set you up for... Read More

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How will the Withholding Tax changes affect you?

A recent change to the Foreign Resident Witholding Tax law has significant implications beyond foreign investors.From July 1 2017 ALL sellers who expect their property to sell for more than $750,000 (applies to most sellers in the suburbs we look after) must seek a clearance certificate from the... Read More

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Tips to shine at the Open House

Just mentioning the words ‘Open House’ to some people is enough to send them into a mild panic. But with a little forward planning and the right information, you can quickly turn the stress into confidence and excitement knowing your home is dressed for success.• Think of the open house as a first... Read More

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Top tips if you’re renovating to sell

Have you been thinking about renovating or refurbishing your home with a view to selling in spring? If so, there is no better time than the cooler months of the year – so right now is a great time to get moving on your project. But where to start and how much to do? That’s (potentially) the... Read More

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Autumn outperforms spring as the No. 1 selling season

In April last year the Real Estate Institute of WA (REIWA) released data which proved what many real estate professionals had observed for some time – that Autumn is now officially recognised as the number 1 selling season of the year, outperforming Spring, which now comes in second.Figures... Read More

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When east coast conditions come to bite us

Market and economic conditions beyond our control on the west coast are now set to have an impact on Western Australians. And the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIWA) and the Urban Development Institute of Australia WA Division (UDIA WA) are not happy about it.Both REIWA and UDIA WA have... Read More

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The future of housing in WA

While the year 2050 may seem a lifetime away right now, the WA Planning Commission must look that far ahead in order to set in motion plans to accommodate our anticipated population growth and demographic changes.The forecasts for 2050• WA’s population growth will have increased from 2.5 million... Read More

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Am I too old to buy an investment property?

We sometimes speak to people in their 50s (some even older) who are beginning to wonder if they’ve left it too late to invest in property. As the prospect of their retirement years draws closer they begin to wish they’d invested sooner.The good news is, according to independent property investment... Read More

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