Did you know we can help get your home ready for sale?

Did you know we offer a free home assessment and can also manage the refurbishment and home styling for you completely free of charge?As part of our obligation-free appraisal service we provide a home consultation during which we assess your property and recommend any action that, based on our... Read More

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Web books – what are they & how do they work?

Many of you may have noticed a new initiative we have introduced as part of our new modern marketing strategies. The initiative – called ‘web books’ – prompts potential buyers to click on a link or text a key phrase (commonly the street name and house number) to a virtual number that we have... Read More

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Roe Highway – the facts

When it comes to progress within a community, it seems the ‘naysayers’ always seem to have the loudest voice. This has certainly been the case when it comes to the completion of the Roe Highway through to Fremantle Port.A group that calls itself ‘Pro Roe’ has become increasingly concerned that the... Read More

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