When east coast conditions come to bite us

Market and economic conditions beyond our control on the west coast are now set to have an impact on Western Australians. And the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIWA) and the Urban Development Institute of Australia WA Division (UDIA WA) are not happy about it.Both REIWA and UDIA WA have... Read More

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The future of housing in WA

While the year 2050 may seem a lifetime away right now, the WA Planning Commission must look that far ahead in order to set in motion plans to accommodate our anticipated population growth and demographic changes.The forecasts for 2050• WA’s population growth will have increased from 2.5 million... Read More

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Am I too old to buy an investment property?

We sometimes speak to people in their 50s (some even older) who are beginning to wonder if they’ve left it too late to invest in property. As the prospect of their retirement years draws closer they begin to wish they’d invested sooner.The good news is, according to independent property investment... Read More

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