How are your rates calculated?

Nobody enjoys receiving their rates notice in the mail. But have you every stopped to wonder how local governments actually calculate the amount of rates we pay as residential property owners? This article answers this question.Councils start by setting an annual budget to fund local... Read More

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How to determine the asking price when selling

How do we come up with the right asking price? This is one of the most commonly asked questions we hear from potential sellers, which is completely understandable given they are considering us to sell what is likely to be the greatest financial asset they own.The agent who tells you the... Read More

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Property Finance 101 – 5 common terms explained

There is jargon in most industries and the property finance sector is no exception. In fact, property finance is rife with jargon and terminology that can confuse even seasoned buyers and sellers.Here are 5 of the most commonly used butmisunderstood property finance terms.Cash... Read More

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Selling your home when you have an unapproved structure

I was prompted to write an article about selling your home when you have an unapproved structure after selling a property recently that included an unapproved shed out the back. While the large Colorbond shed was almost new and structurally sound, the fact that it had not been council approved... Read More

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8 tips for smart property investment

Buying an investment property continues to be a popular wealth accumulation strategy for Australians. The goal behind it should be wealth accumulation over time to secure a nest egg for the future, not a strategy to make a quick profit and an instant road to riches. How effectively you choose... Read More

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