10 reasons you may be happier in a smaller home

If you listen to the opinions of many people who have downsized, there must be truth to the saying, ‘less is more’. It’s interesting that we are almost expected to buy a bigger house each time we move. There’s even a term for it: ‘upsizing’, which is the... Read More

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Selling your home when going through separation

It’s an unfortunate reality that more couples decide to separate at the start of a new year than at any other time. It is always a stressful process, made even more stressful when there is jointly owned property involved. The best advice any solicitor would give you is to adopt a... Read More

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To fix (your home loan) or not to fix? That is the question!

With interest rates at record low levels, the big banks are now offering borrowers the most enticing deals ever. Subject to approval, borrowers are now able to fix their mortgage rate below 2% for 4 years with some banks. The question is – is this a once-in-a-lifetime chance you should grab... Read More

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Property driving WA’s economic recovery

Despite the trials and tribulations of 2020, Western Australia is experiencing strong economic recovery that is exceeding expectations with property one of the key drivers.During the budget handed down in early October, the forecast for this financial year stood at a net operating surplus... Read More

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4 traits all successful and profitable landlords share

It’s fair to say now is an ideal time to invest in property in Perth.The low levels of vacancy rates indicate a shortage of accommodation, which could ultimately lead to rent rises over the next 12 months.Furthermore, interest rates are at a record low and the property market is only... Read More

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What is a buyer’s agent & how can they help you?

Buyer’s agents in Perth have traditionally helped more investors than homebuyers. However, with the number of listings low and competition amongst buyers high as a result, more homebuyers are reaping the benefits of enlisting the services of a buyer’s agent to help them make the right... Read More

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Uncovering the invisible value in your property

Every home has a story and nobody knows that story (or your home) like you do. That’s why whenpricing and marketing your home, we do more than just inspect it, take beautiful photos and have professional copy written. We want to know the full story. And we want your target buyers to know... Read More

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Former Block winner’s tips for a budget kitchen reno

Who better than a former winner of The Block to advise on a kitchen renovation. Shannon Vos won The Block in 2014. But while he may have had a decent budget for the show, he only had just over $5000 to spend on renovating his own kitchen, following the renovation. However he estimates that... Read More

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Converting a garage? Tips to ensure council approval

With many adult kids moving back into the family home since the start of COVID-19 and people experiencing more time on their hands, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that there has been a huge spike in home renovations in Perth this year.As much as it may be tempting to bypass... Read More

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The do’s and don’ts of house cleaning

Cleaning the house is one of those necessary evils in life few people relish. The faster you can knock it over, the sooner you can spend time doing the things you love. The key to making your cleaning duties more efficient and effective is to clean smarter. This may sound like a cliche. But... Read More

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