Have you put the sale of your home on hold?

One of the most commonly asked questions we have been hearing during the COVID-19 global pandemic is, ‘Who would want to buy or sell property now?’ Even now that we are coming out the other side of this crisis in WA and Australia, many property owners and buyers are still wary to act... Read More

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Why is stamp duty such a hot topic & what’s in it for me?

Stamp duty has certainly been in the news a lot lately, not only in WA but also in NSW and Victoria. So why has it all of a sudden become such a hot topic? What exactly is stamp duty anyway? And how might the changes impact you?This blog breaks down the basics for you.What is stamp duty?Stamp... Read More

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5 first homebuyer myth busters

For most of us, buying our first home is the biggest financial decision we’ll ever make. So is it any wonder that first homebuyers have reservations about the process, especially given there is so much advice floating around, including advice from well-meaning friends and relatives, who may... Read More

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Beat the cold without breaking the budget this winter

With plenty of people working from home at the moment, electricity usage will no doubt be higher for most people this winter. Not only would you be using more electricity on computers, printers and other equipment for your home office, but as temperatures drop and winter sets in, you’ll need to... Read More

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8 things you should disclose about your home when selling

Did you know that a Seller’s Disclosure Statement is not mandatory in WA?  Despite this however, there is an expectation that a seller should disclose any material facts that could affect a potential buyer’s decision to buy. That’s because a buyer can always request to have a... Read More

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Where is all the Govt. Assistance Money Coming From?

There is no question that we live in the lucky country. It is times like this that this statement rings truer than ever. With Treasurer Josh Frydenberg declaring “Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures”, the Morrison Government unleashed a $130 billion wage subsidy for... Read More

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5 ways pets can improve your health & wellbeing

Anyone with a four-legged friend at home will understand how much happiness pets bring to our lives. Whether it’s the energetic, joyful greeting of your dog when you when you walk in the door or snuggling up on the lounge with your cat, there is nothing that compares to the unconditional... Read More

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Best mood enhancing colour choices for your home

Spending more time at home is inspiring many people to get into some DIY projects. One of the popular ones right now is painting and decorating. Step one in the painting process is selecting your paint, including the colour.While the safe choice might be to go with one neutral colour for your... Read More

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Tips to boost your mood at home while social distancing

If you are one of the many Australians working from home, home schooling, just spending more time indoors or all of the above, you may have experienced a range of emotions by now. The recent launch of a new mental health and wellbeing campaign by our state government clearly demonstrates that they... Read More

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Why Australia really is the lucky country

Granted, times are tough right now. But when you compare how Australia is positioned to weather the COVID-19 storm compared to other countries in the world you realise how very lucky we are.So next time you hear someone complain about being ‘stuck at home’, show them the following 5... Read More

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