5 home organisation hacks from a professional declutterer

We all know how good it feels after doing a thorough declutter, spring clean and organisation exercise at home. It’s starting the job that’s the hard part. Just thinking about where to begin is enough to cause many of us to procrastinate and never get there. That’s why... Read More

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Should we renovate or build from scratch?

It’s the age-old question – should we renovate our existing home or sell and build from scratch? As is the case with all major decisions in life, there are pros and cons on both sides and individual circumstances to consider. This article shares the pros and cons for renovating versus... Read More

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Where to start when looking to buy a property

Whether you’re a first homebuyer or it’s been a long time since you bought and sold property, working out where to start, what to do and who to talk to can be daunting.For some people, the Internet may not have been around when they last ventured into the property market. And... Read More

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What features determine the market value of a WA home today?

There is an art and science to estimating a property’s current market value. While you can use online tools to give you a guide, they are far from accurate and offer a guesstimate at best. That’s why it is critical to seek a professional marketplace appraisal from a real estate... Read More

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