So, you want to buy the home you’re renting?

If you love the home you rent and don’t want to move, making an offer to buy it from your landlord when you’re ready to make the leap from tenant to homeowner might be a viable option.Tenants buying their rental property is actually more common than many people think,... Read More

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Tips to keep your neighbours onside when renovating

Are you planning to undergo a significant renovation at home? If you have ever had a neighbour who has renovated, put in a pool or had significant landscaping done on their property, you will know that the household undergoing the renovation is not the only one affected by the disruptions.... Read More

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Tips from The Block for a stress-free renovation

Australia has become a renovation nation, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are collectively spending a billion dollars a month on home renovations,a boom that has partly been fuelled by theCOVID government building stimulus.While renovating offers many rewards, both in... Read More

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How to make your garden stand out when selling

We are about to launch a new property listing to the market next week which has the loveliest garden. It makes such a difference to the impression a property makes to prospective buyers as the garden is one of the first things they will see. And we all know how important the first impression... Read More

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4 things NOT to do when selling your home

When you announce that you are selling your home, don’t be surprised if suddenly family members, friends and work colleagues become overnight real estate experts with all the advice under the sun. Everyone will have an opinion, usually based on their own past experience. While your... Read More

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5 benefits of taking advantage of the Downsizer Contribution

Australians over 60 are getting ready for the upcoming changes to super. Expected to become law from 1 July 2022, these changes will make them eligible to make a tax-free super contribution from the proceeds of selling their home to downsize.What is a Downsizer Contribution?Since 1... Read More

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How to prepare your investment property for rent

With the market favourable for property investors and therefore investors returning to the WA market, we thought it timely to share some tips on preparing an investment property for rent. This is useful for first-time investors but also seasoned investors who perhaps have struggled to find... Read More

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Preparing your home for a Spring sale

Spring is just around the corner, and with prices higher than we’ve seen in a long time, many eager buyers on the hunt for their next home and low stock, now is an exceptional time to take advantage of the market.After the 18 months we’ve all experienced during the global... Read More

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