How to make the winning offer on a property

It’s easy to assume that price is the only factor that determines the winning offer on a property. But you may be surprised to learn that price is not the only factor. So how do you put your best foot forward?1. Research comparative propertiesIt’s important to strike a... Read More

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6 tips to encourage kids to clean up after themselves

As we approach the end of the school holidays, you may be just about at the end of your tether, tired of the never-ending mess and clutter and sick of the sound of your own voice as you ask the kids to clean up over and over again. Sound familiar?Anyone who has ever stepped bare footed on... Read More

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Tips to prepare you for property settlement

If you are about to embark on your first property ownership experience, it’s natural to feel a little daunted by the process. This is where it pays to know what happens beforehand.Once you have agreed on the price, paid the deposit and contracts have been exchanged, the next... Read More

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The rise of multi-generational living

Common in many parts of the world but not so much in Australia, multigenerational living is on the rise down under. The phenomenon is being driven by a combination of:Worsening housing affordability,Our ageing population,A shift away from seniors living and aged care facilities,... Read More

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The powerful role of colour in the home

Colour does a lot more than just enhance a home’s decor and style. The right colours have been shown to have many benefits from influencing moods, creating a focal point and indicating a clear purpose to evoking memories and even increasing productivity. However, many people feel daunted... Read More

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The implications of climate change for housing

Climate change is a hot topic right now (pardon the pun). And so it should be, with leading climate scientists painting a concerning picture.On the home front, we know that Australia is heading towards a warmer future and one where bushfire, drought and flooding will occur with increasing... Read More

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Six strategies to buy your first property before 30

With house prices booming, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’ll never get your foot on the property ladder. But all is not lost, according to the experts.Below are 6 practical and achievable tips on how to break into the market before you turn 30.1. Start saving as... Read More

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Top 3 storage solutions property buyers want

In today’s consumer culture, many of us have accumulated more ‘stuff’ in our homes than we have places to keep it. From clothing and shoes to technology, toys, tools and appliances, if you are constantly tidying up and struggling to find a place to keep everything neat, tidy... Read More

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Are you prepared for bushfire season?

Summer is just around the corner and with it, bushfire season. In WA we experience long dry summers and soaring temperatures, a combination that makes our state very susceptible to the threat of bushfire.As bushfires can be unpredictable in that they can flare up suddenly and without... Read More

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Mould in a rental – who is responsible?

The damage that mould can cause, both to a property and the health of the inhabitants, can be costly. The question is, whose responsibility is it? It is a proven fact that the presence of mould in a home can be harmful to our health. If we ingest, inhale or come into direct contact with... Read More

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