Inspections put you in control

When it comes to building and pest inspections, most people assume that they are left to the buyers to arrange if they wish. But having your home inspected for structural and termite damage can be highly advantageous if you’re selling too.  In fact we recommend sellers arrange their own Building and Timber Pest Inspections prior to putting their home on the market.

Here’s why…

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your greatest financial asset

Arranging your own Building and Timber Pest Inspection allows you to address any issues and avoid last minute surprises. Even if your property appears to be structurally sound and termite-free, there could be hidden problems lurking in the foundations, roof, plumbing, wiring or walls that only a professional can identify.

While many buyers will still insist on having their own pre-purchase building and pest inspections conducted, showing them the reports that you have had prepared in advance proves you have nothing to hide about the condition of your property. It instills confidence in potential buyers.

It is an excellent way to ensure your property is presented in the best way possible

Unless your home is brand new (or almost new) there is always the chance that minor maintenance issues are identified. A professional builder will alert you to those and offer suggestions (as simple as a fresh coat of paint, fixing leaky gutters or repairing jammed windows) that will help ensure maximum visual appeal once your property is launched on the market for sale. We can even arrange to have the work done for you or put you in touch with reputable local tradespeople.

It delivers transparency

We pride ourselves on total transparency and efficient research. A Building and Timber Pest Inspection helps us understand your property – the best features and any issues that need to be addressed. It enables us to disclose any issues still outstanding, if they need to be disclosed.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and imagine how confident you would feel about purchasing from a seller who has pre-arranged reports in which everything is disclosed. It would give you assurance knowing how much, if anything, you may need to budget to address any minor repairs. It would also highlight that the sellers have nothing to hide.

What if you don’t arrange a Building & Timber Pest Inspection?

While it is not a legal requirement to do so, more buyers these days are obtaining a Building and Timber Pest Inspection as part of the Contract. If a professional inspection identifies serious structural defects and/or live timber pests and/or damage due to previous pest activity and the seller is unable or unwilling to rectify the issues at their own expense, the buyer may terminate the Contract.

In our experience we rarely find any issue that can’t be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

Nothing beats total transparency, especially in terms of the sale or purchase of such a significant asset.


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