Renovating vs building – the pros & cons

Are you at a point in your life where you could do with some extra space at home? Perhaps your family is growing, your adult kids have moved back home or you need to accommodate an elderly parent? Or maybe you’re simply looking to upgrade and modernise your home. Whatever your reason, the... Read More

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Gas versus electricity – which is better at home?

If you are in the process of planning a renovation or new build, one of the important issues you need to consider is energy efficiency. Part of that consideration includes making a choice between gas or electricity for space heating, hot water and cooking.Almost every Australian household relies... Read More

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Understanding the role of an agent when selling

If you are thinking about selling your home it is important to select your agent wisely. But in order to make the right choice you must understand the role a real estate agent plays in securing a successful sale.In short there are 4 key parts to a real estate agent’s role when selling... Read More

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7 positive outcomes of COVID-19

With a constant barrage of worrying headlines and stories landing in our newsfeeds and bombarding the airwaves, we thought it was time to share some positivity.While it may be hard to believe right now that anything good can come out of this global health crisis, we hope the follow 7 positive... Read More

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