7 features buyers look for when house hunting

To capture the attention of the right buyers for your property when selling you have to think like one of them. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, “What is on my wish list for my new home?” Understanding this will help you recognise which features you need to accentuate when... Read More

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Live mode versus sell mode

One of the most common mistakes people make when they put their property on the market is to put it on too quickly.The time it takes to prepare a home for sale depends on the state of the property, the motivation of the owners and the time and money they have to spend on it. The duration between... Read More

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The profit in your garden

When preparing their home for sale, most people pay close attention to the house itself, but often neglect to consider the state of their garden. And yet the garden can have a massive impact on the profit of a sale.In real estate, we refer to the front shot of a property as the ‘dollar shot’. A... Read More

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What are the greatest energy guzzlers at home?

We’ve all been there. You receive your quarterly energy bill, gasp at the figure and wonder where on earth all the energy goes in your home.Are certain appliances greater energy guzzlers than others? Or are the occupants of your home solely the reason why the graph on your bill indicates... Read More

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