5 tips to make the most of low interest rates

For the last two years, most of the talk around interest rates has been that they will continue to fall. Given that we have seen rates fall to historic lows, many people have a tendency to become somewhat complacent.Andrew Mirams, a leading finance strategist with over 27 years’ experience in the... Read More

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Have interest rates gone as low as they’ll go?

For the first time in two years investors have started placing bets, albeit cautiously, that the next move in official interest rates will be up rather than down. If this happens, it will no doubt come as a bit of a shock to most homeowners as we’ve all become accustomed to rates either falling or... Read More

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Tips to ensure your pool is safe before you dive in

Summer is nearly here and that means pool season for those lucky enough to have a swimming pool at home. But before you let family members and friends dive in, it’s vital you understand the current regulations around pool safety. This information is equally important for landlords to be aware of.... Read More

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Melville Talks – the new online forum to have your say

Did you know that the City of Melville has created an online community hub for residents and business owners within our community to come together to have their say and connect?Launched in April, Melville Talks was also developed to give the community an opportunity to stay up-to-date with... Read More

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How will Trump’s win in the US affect our property market?

As the world watched the US election unfold this week, with many dumbfounded as to how the polls could get it so wrong following the announcement of Donald Trump’s surprise win, Australian property experts were busy compiling preliminary thoughts on how the election results may affect our... Read More

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Crackers for a Cause

We have been proud sponsors of Camp Quality for many years. One of the ways we support this great cause is to auction a $100 gift basket on Auction Day whenever we run an auction. The added bonus of doing so is that the gift basket auction acts as a bit of an icebreaker in the lead up to the... Read More

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Does smell really sell?

Acclaimed chef and MasterChef co-host and judge Gary Mehigan was asked by realestate.com.au to test the theory that filling your home with a beautiful aroma will increase its value by appealing to the senses of buyers. Gary was joined by Scent Specialist, Dr Megan Thornton to ensure there would be... Read More

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What do Aussie homebuyers really want?

If we were to ask you what you think today’s buyers want most, many of you would no doubt respond with things like quality inclusions, a nice kitchen and bathroom and built-ins to all bedrooms. However new research has shown that buyers today are willing to sacrifice quality for location and some... Read More

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Do you know what you are paying for?

Our blog this week highlights the need to pay close attention to the details in your conveyancer’s fee schedule to ensure you you know exactly what you are paying for.The recent deregulation of fees in the conveyancing industry has increased competition in what was already a competitive market. On... Read More

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New Code of Conduct for Agents

All real estate agents in Western Australia have two months before they must comply with a new Code of Conduct that took effect on October 5.During the two-month transition period, which ends December 5, agents must at least comply with the old Code. Agents have been given this time to educate... Read More

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