Preparing your home for an autumn sale

Timing the sale of your property can make all the difference. Many people assume the warmer months, especially Spring, are the best time to sell, but in truth, all seasons have their advantages. And Autumn is up there with having a significant number of benefits.Here are 4 reasons that... Read More

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The benefits of story-telling when selling property

As human beings we all love a good story. But by story, we are not just referring to the kind told in a book, on the stage or in a movie. Stories are a part of everyday life, whether or not we realise it.If you were asked to recall the date of the best holiday you have ever had and the... Read More

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The lowdown on refinancing in the current climate

With interest rates lower than we have ever seen before and lenders scrambling for our business, now is a great time to consider refinancing your mortgage if you’re not getting the best deal from your lender. However, given these times of uncertainty, there are a few important things you... Read More

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The top 5 property Q&A’s for the 1st half of 2021

Now that we have all put 2020 behind us, it seems Australians in general are keen to move forward. And, as a nation, we’re not sitting idle waiting to see what happens. In fact this year, market activity has ramped up much earlier than it normally does post the Christmas/New Year period... Read More

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