8 DIY self-isolation project ideas

With social distancing rules in force and restaurants and recreational facilities closed, most of us not only have more time on our hands, but we are also spending that time at home. For some people this comes with a fear of boredom. Others can’t wait to put their time and latent DIY skills... Read More

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How to buy, sell or rent under new COVID-19 restrictions

Each and every one of us is impacted by the unfolding events relating to the global coronavirus pandemic. Things are changing almost daily and we are all navigating those changes in the best way we can.Earlier this week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison made several announcements that have had a... Read More

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Has the coronavirus put your property plans on hold?

Like everyone in the world right now, we are monitoring the events of the coronavirus pandemic very closely. We wish to assure you that we remain positive and that we have put key measures in place to ensure we can continue to help you, even if we are required to go into lockdown. So there is no... Read More

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Navigating the journey to a sale

There is far more to selling real estate than simply finding the right buyer for your property.From the moment the Authority is signed and the contract is handed over to the time of settlement when funds are paid into your account, the sales process is more complex and rigorous than most people... Read More

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Clarifying common misconceptions about real estate and agents

All real estate agents are not the same and all markets are different. It definitely pays to do your research when choosing an agent to sell your most significant financial asset and to understand what is happening in your local marketplace. That being said, there are some common misconceptions... Read More

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5 lessons you must learn to succeed in life

Just as everyone’s idea of success is different, so too is everyone’s path to achieving it. But if you were to speak to a panel of the most successful people in the world they would all tell you one common thing – that the road to success is paved with failures and lessons.Here are 5... Read More

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7 ways to ‘fake’ a home renovation

You know the saying, ‘fake it till you make it’. Well this can apply to our homes too!If your property has seen better days but you only have a very limited budget, you will be happy to read the following tips to ‘fake’ a home renovation on a shoestring budget. These tips... Read More

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Buying & selling in the same market

When it comes to buying and selling property, everyone naturally wants to buy at the bottom of the market and sell at the top. However, for many of us, the state of the market shouldn’t be a high priority. Why? The easiest way to explain this is with an example.When you are selling one property... Read More

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Buying at auction? Here are 6 rookie errors to avoid

We have a new property going to auction so we thought it would be timely to share some of the most common errors inexperienced auction buyers make.More and more West Australians are showing interest in auctions because of the many benefits associated with this method of selling. One of those is a... Read More

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