Top 5 real estate searches revealed

In today’s digital world it won’t surprise you to learn that most real estate purchases begin with an online search. Most buyers will check your property out online (as well as a number of others) well before they contact an agent.The words people are entering into the search bar reveal a lot... Read More

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The ‘W’ word and why it’s so important to talk about

Talking about what happens to your assets when you pass away is not the topic of choice for most people. However it is one of those difficult conversations that is important to have with your loved ones. And one of the most important assets that must be considered and talked about during this... Read More

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Selling with pets – the do’s & don’ts

Almost one in two of us have a pet these days and as much as we all adore our furry four legged friends, it’s a different story for potential buyers.The truth is, when selling your home your pet could be your biggest liability.When selling you have to be objective about the way your... Read More

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Painful selling lessons most sellers learn the hard way

According to real estate agents from all corners of Australia, there are a few common lessons sellers learn the hard way. We have listed them below.Letting an early offer go in case a better offer comes alongThis mistake was mentioned time and time again. Many sellers assume that if they receive... Read More

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