Styling tips for a Christmas sale

If you are selling your home for sale over Christmas you may think you and your family will need to miss out on any Christmas cheer in the home this year. But that is not the case at all.While we advocate simple styling when preparing your home for sale, there are ways to keep it simple and... Read More

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It’s about perspective

While Perth’s housing recovery remains fragile, we can’t lose sight of the fact that Australia’s GDP growth rate remains strong, confirming our resilience as a nation.According to the latest National Accounts figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, we are now... Read More

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How to style that awkward space in your home

Do you have a space in your home that you just don’t know what to do with? It’s that spot that is not quite big enough to be its own room but too large to do nothing with. Perhaps it has little natural light and seems in limbo between other rooms.So just how do you optimise and style... Read More

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Should we stay or should we go?

Love it or list it? Should we stay or should we move? It’s a commonly asked question in lounge rooms all over the country. Perhaps it’s on your mind right now.We have put together a list of simple questions and suggested answers to help you decide…1. Do you love your street and... Read More

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6 reasons to live in a walkable neighbourhood

Living close to it all is no longer just reserved for inner city living. These days a lot more thought is being put into planning outer suburbs to make them more liveable and promote a greater sense of community, health and wellbeing.The old-fashioned notion of village-like, leave-the-car-at-home... Read More

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What’s the key to a successful tenancy?

If you own an investment property, you need assurance that you will receive both short-term regular income and long-term capital gain. While both objectives are, to a large extent, driven by the market, there is one sure fire way to dramatically improve the likelihood of achieving both – good... Read More

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Storage solutions on the wish list of more buyers

These days we all seem to have accumulated so much ‘stuff’ in our homes that it’s hard to find a place for it all. That’s no doubt why an increasing number of buyers today are placing greater emphasis on the importance of storage solutions when looking for a new... Read More

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7 ways to give your bathroom a budget facelift

Anyone who has looked into the costs of renovating a bathroom would know how expensive it is.Known to be one of the most costly rooms in the house to renovate (second only to the kitchen), a bathroom renovation sets us back to the tune of $17,000 on average.But there are ways to seriously spruce... Read More

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Where NOT to spend your money when renovating to sell

The rule of thumb when renovating to sell is that you should aim to make three dollars for every dollar spent (the so-called ‘three-for-one’ rule). This is a good guide for you to gauge whether or not your money and time have been worth it.Here are 5 renovation features that experts... Read More

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Classic timeless ‘trends’

Whether in fashion, music or interior design, trends come and go. But there are some interior design trends that have hung around for so long (or keep resurfacing) that they have earned the title of ‘classics’.Here is a list of interior design trends that have become classics in the... Read More

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