Tips to help you find your perfect home

For most people, the purchase of a home is the most significant financial asset they will ever purchase. So it pays to be well prepared. Whether you are looking to buy your first home, upgrade, upsize or downsize, the following ten points will help ensure your choice is the right one for you.... Read More

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Property title explained in plain English

We recently appraised a property with a Survey Strata title, which prompted us to wonder how many people know the difference between one land title and another. So this week we decided to share what each means in plain English.As a property owner or purchaser, this information is important to know... Read More

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5 things you shouldn’t do when buying property

Having an offer accepted on a property you love is exciting, no matter if it’s your first, your second or even your tenth property purchase.However getting to that point isn’t always easy, especially if you make one or more of the following mistakes.Here are 5 things to avoid when... Read More

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4 tips for successful property flipping

The popularity of home renovation shows and public figures like ‘Renovation Queen’, Cherie Barber has inspired many to become house flippers themselves.Unlike those who renovate their home to improve its liveability, house flippers seek to buy undervalued properties, renovate them and... Read More

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10 tips to make moving house a breeze

Just the thought of moving house is enough to send many people running for cover. With a little careful planning however, you can take the stress out of your next move.Here are 10 tips to make moving house a breeze:1. Do a big spring clean – it doesn’t matter what time of year it is,... Read More

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Take your agent for a ‘test drive’

You only get one shot at achieving an excellent outcome when selling. So choose your agent wisely.If interviewing a number of agents, why not take them for a ‘test drive’ before making your decision. Ask them to role-play a negotiation with you. You will soon discover that negotiation is the key... Read More

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Tips to attract buyers in winter

While winter may not be the most popular time of year to sell, savvy sellers can use the season to their advantage.Here are some tips for the winter sale:1. Make it warm, welcoming and cosyWhen the sky is grey and the temperature chilly, there’s nothing like entering a warm, welcoming home... Read More

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Is your gas heater safe to use?

With days becoming shorter and winter’s chill beginning to kick in, many of us are starting to dust off our heaters and get them ready for the cooler months ahead. But if it’s a gas heater, how can you be absolutely certain it’s safe?April 29 marked the start of Carbon Monoxide... Read More

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7 features buyers look for when house hunting

To capture the attention of the right buyers for your property when selling you have to think like one of them. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, “What is on my wish list for my new home?” Understanding this will help you recognise which features you need to accentuate when... Read More

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