Explaining the new tighter lending rules

Tighter lending rules under the banking regulator’s first step to cool the booming housing market will reduce the amount of money people can borrow to buy a home from November 1. The decision was also made to help ensure borrowers could still meet their repayments when rates rise form... Read More

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So, you want to buy the home you’re renting?

If you love the home you rent and don’t want to move, making an offer to buy it from your landlord when you’re ready to make the leap from tenant to homeowner might be a viable option.Tenants buying their rental property is actually more common than many people think,... Read More

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Tips to keep your neighbours onside when renovating

Are you planning to undergo a significant renovation at home? If you have ever had a neighbour who has renovated, put in a pool or had significant landscaping done on their property, you will know that the household undergoing the renovation is not the only one affected by the disruptions.... Read More

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