Things to consider before downsizing to an apartment

If you’re spending more time cleaning the pool, managing a large garden and cleaning rooms in your house that have barely been used since your grownup kids left the nest, it’s probably time to seriously consider downsizing your home and the to-do list along with it.Now is the... Read More

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Spotlight on Hamilton Hill

Did any of you see the suburb feature on Hamilton Hill (or ‘Hami Hill’ as locals affectionately call it) in last week’s West Australian? The article just so happened to coincide with the historic suburb being number 2 on the list of Top Selling Suburbs South of the River for... Read More

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Is the bank of mum & dad the key to home ownership?

With house prices continuing to rise, more than half of Australian parents (around 53%) are thinking about helping their kids buy a home of their own by going guarantor, according to a recent survey of 1000 Australians.Colloquially known as ‘the bank of mum and dad’,... Read More

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Home open etiquette – the do’s and don’ts

There’s a new Australian novel calledOther People’s Houseswritten by Kelli Hawkins in which the main character, Kate, loves to spend her weekends attending open homes in the luxury end of the market to get a glimpse of how the other half lives. In the novel, Kate takes what she... Read More

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Who gets the house if you break up?

Some couples these days buy a property together before they have even lived together, full of hopes, dreams and anassumption that they will always be together. The last thing on the minds of most couples is, ‘what would happen if we break up?’ But it’s actually quite... Read More

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Tips to manage FOMO when property hunting

Saving for a deposit isn’t the only hurdle to overcome, especially in a property market like the one we are experiencing right now. There is added pressure from all angles on buyers at the moment to get in now to avoid being priced out of the market in the future. Combine this with... Read More

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4 cheaper & less traditional ways to buy your first home

While WA remains the most affordable state in Australia for first homebuyers, prices are on the rise and many West Aussies are struggling to save the money needed to make owning a home a reality. It’s not just the deposit that’s needed, there’s also stamp duty, finance costs,... Read More

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Tips to buy in a hot market

With home buyers now facing strong demand, few properties to select from and intense competition, we’ve compiled a few tips from expert home buyers on how to buy in a hot property market.Be well preparedAt the moment there is a real mix of buyers in the market, from frustrated... Read More

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How to make a great first impression at your open home

Just mentioning the words ‘Open Home’ to some people is enough to send them into a mild panic. But with a little forward planning and the right information, you can quickly turn the stress into confidence and excitement knowing your home is showtime ready.Think of the Open Home as a job... Read More

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Will the end of JobKeeper derail the housing boom?

With JobKeeper, loan repayment deferrals, rental moratoriums and other COVID-19 support measures about to end, how will the housing market, which is performing well nationally, be affected?The answer is that it will likely have minimal overall impact on the housing market, according to... Read More

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