What do Aussie homebuyers really want?

If we were to ask you what you think today’s buyers want most, many of you would no doubt respond with things like quality inclusions, a nice kitchen and bathroom and built-ins to all bedrooms. However new research has shown that buyers today are willing to sacrifice quality for location and some... Read More

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Do you know what you are paying for?

Our blog this week highlights the need to pay close attention to the details in your conveyancer’s fee schedule to ensure you you know exactly what you are paying for.The recent deregulation of fees in the conveyancing industry has increased competition in what was already a competitive market. On... Read More

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New Code of Conduct for Agents

All real estate agents in Western Australia have two months before they must comply with a new Code of Conduct that took effect on October 5.During the two-month transition period, which ends December 5, agents must at least comply with the old Code. Agents have been given this time to educate... Read More

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Tips to prepare for bushfire season

While we’re not quite in the middle of spring yet, summer will be here before we know it and with it, bushfire season. In WA we experience long dry summers and soaring temperatures, a combination that makes our state very susceptible to the threat of bushfire.As bushfires can be unpredictable in... Read More

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Time and time again we see buyers miss out on buying the perfect home or investment property to another buyer through procrastination and a few other common traps.If you’re in the market to buy, there are 6 common traps to avoid. Avoiding these traps will minimise your risk of losing the property... Read More

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Meet the market for the best chance at making a sale

According to the latest data from REIWA, 45% of sellers are discounting the price of their property by an average of 7% in order to sell. This indicates that their properties were not accurately priced when listed on the market for sale.It’s like placing an ad to sell your car. If you don’t do... Read More

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To sell or not to sell? That is the question!

Have you ever been at the point where you just can’t decide whether or not to sell your home? You may be tossing up the pros and cons of selling right now. Indecisiveness around selling property is much more common than you may think. It is after all one of life’s most major decisions.If you can’t... Read More

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Downsizing with ease

We work with many sellers who are at the stage in their lives where they’re ready to sell the large family home and move to something smaller and easier to look after. In most cases this happens once the children have left the ‘nest’ and the 4 or 5 bedroom home with games room and pool is no longer... Read More

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Earlier this week marked a milestone for us. On Tuesday, 16 August we celebrated 10 years of serving the community with our own boutique brand of real estate sales and service.Mark and I started this business 10 years ago with a vision to move away from the traditional real estate model and... Read More

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