Bid to end violence against women

It is a very disturbing and shocking fact that most women who are murdered die at the hands of someone they know. Furthermore, most women who suffer domestic violence do so at the hands of a current or former partner.In a bid to raise awareness around the serious problem of violence against women,... Read More

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Love Thy Neighbour – why it’s good for your health

Remember the days when your parents or grandparents used to pop over to the neighbour’s house to borrow a cup of sugar or some eggs? Well perhaps they were onto something.New research suggests that people who are in contact with their neighbours are happier and healthier than those who keep... Read More

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Why design didn’t win The Block (& what did)

The Block is one of the most popular programs on Australian free to air television. Whether or not you watch it, the outcome is interesting for all property owners. Why? Because it reveals that even with the best, on trend design that professionals rave about, it’s what the buyers want that... Read More

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Downsizing with style – 10 tips from a designer

Have your kids left home and you’re considering your next move? Or maybe you have already bought a smaller place to downsize to and you’re currently in the planning stages to move?Downsizing (or ‘rightsizing’ as we prefer to call it) is an exciting time in your life and a... Read More

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