Which rooms sell a house?

A common question asked of real estate agents is, ‘Which rooms sell the house?’ In other words, is it worth spending money on one room over another to appeal to more buyers and hopefully achieve a higher sale price?Kitchens and living rooms are always high on the list but outdoor... Read More

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Home staging tips when selling in winter

So you’ve decided to sell your home in winter. Contrary to what some may think, winter can be a great time to sell. For starters there’s generally less competition. There are also some great ways to make your home look warm, inviting and welcoming in winter.Below is a list of simple... Read More

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Snooze, you lose!

We are seeing all the signs that the market is changing. As a result, buyers who wait to make offers because they think they have time on their side, like they did when the market was slower, are ultimately missing out on the property they love.The past three properties we have sold have... Read More

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Australian Architecture 101 – a brief history

They say what goes around comes around. The saying is true in personal fashion (think of the popular vintage and retro trends), interior design (old trends are constantly being revived and reinvented), motor vehicles, and architecture (there’s nothing like the character and warmth of an old,... Read More

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