10 things that could turn buyers off your home

Why do some properties take so much longer to sell than others? While this is a difficult question to answer because every property has its own timeline, there are certain traits that are renowned for turning buyers off a property.

With Perth’s average days on market currently hovering around the 84-day mark in today’s buyers market, it’s never been more important to avoid the following 10 things that could stop buyers making an offer on (or even inspecting) your property.

1. An unclean, messy home

While you might say a buyer should be able to see through all those surface things, a home that doesn’t present well, especially one that is messy and dirty, can give buyers the impression that the owners haven’t looked after it well and that they have something to hide. Listen to your agent’s advice about how to present your home to the market.

2. Unpleasant odours

If your home is dominated by the smell of last night’s curry or your beloved four legged friend it can be a real turn-off for buyers. Always give your home a good airing by opening windows before an open home and remove all pet paraphernalia, such as food, bedding and litter trays. Consider a strategically placed scented candle but leave it up to your agent to determine if it should be lit during the open.

3. Clutter and overcrowding

If your home is cluttered with knickknacks and the furniture is poorly laid out or there are too many pieces, it will give buyers the impression that the space is small and cramped. The more open and minimalist the space looks and feels, the more a buyer will be able to imagine their own belongings and furniture in that space.

4. Being present at the open home

No buyer likes the owners being present during the open home or during any inspection for that matter. It makes them feel uncomfortable about opening cupboards and drawers etc., all things an interested buyer should be doing. Do yourself a favour and make yourself scarce during the opens and inspections and leave the hosting and commentary to your agent.

5. Old, worn out fixtures

This includes things like cracks in wall and ceilings, windows and doors that don’t open and close properly and weathered tapware and handles. These are relatively inexpensive to fix or change but can make a substantial difference to the outcome.

6. An unmaintained garden

They say it only takes seconds to make a good first and last impression and no part of your home does both better than a well maintained front and back garden. As is the case with a messy interior, an untidy, overgrown garden will give buyers the impression that the entire property has been poorly maintained and that it will require a lot of work and money to bring it up to the standard they expect.

7. Too many personal items on show

Buyers have no interest in forming a personal connection with the seller. So to see walls, furniture and the fridge door filled with family photographs and treasured items will distract them from imagining the home as their own.

8. Too warm or too cold

Don’t make the mistake of over-heating or over-cooling your home during the home open. Everyone feels temperature differently and moods can be improved or deteriorated by an uncomfortable internal temperature. Be guided by your agent on the right thermal temperature for the day.

9. Darkness

All buyers love a natural light filled home. Open all blinds and curtains and let as much light in as possible on open day and ensure the agent selects the right time of day when the natural light is at its best for your property. This will depend on the aspect and the weather.

10. An unrealistic price

Nothing will damage the integrity of a sale faster than a property that is unrealistically priced. That’s why a property appraisal conducted by a licensed real estate agent is an important first step when thinking about selling your property. It is different to a property valuation, which doesn’t take into account the current state of the market and recent comparable sales. A property that is unrealistically priced will turn buyers away before they even have the chance to take a look.

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