Top 8 interior design trends for 2018

If you are in the process of designing a new home or a renovation to your existing home, it can be quite overwhelming when trying to keep up with the latest design trends. Researching interiors can lead you to an almost endless array of styles and choices.

Thanks to Pinterest, lifestyle magazine editors and design bloggers are able to stay abreast with the key trends interior designers from around the world are searching.

While minimalism has been in vogue for some time, the numbers are stacking in favour of maximalism this year.

From resort-inspired bathrooms to statement doors and statement ceilings, there is no shortage of inspiration and trends begging your participation if you’re planning to build, renovate or modernise your home.

If staying on point is important to you, you will love this concise overview of eight of the top interior design trends for 2018 (as featured in the latest edition of Vogue Living). Here they are, in no particular order: 

  1. Resort-inspired bathrooms– Think spa baths, rattan furniture and rustic, recycled timber features.
  2. Big, bold art pieces– Searches for the term ‘big wall art’ are up a whopping 637 per cent.
  3. Terrazzo– They say ‘what goes around comes around’, and clearly the same is true for interior design trends. Regulated to office flooring in the 2000s after losing its popularity as residential flooring in the 80s and 90s, Terrazzo is officially back in vogue. But don’t expect to see it looking like the concrete original from its heyday in the ‘70s. In 2018, we will see Terrazzo used not only in flooring but also in statement furniture pieces like occasional and coffee tables.
  4. Patterned plants– The popularity of indoor plants has been on the rise for the past couple of years, not only for their obvious beauty, but also for their proven health and wellbeing  Now we’re moving beyond the standard green with searches for ‘patterned plants’ (patterned foliage with splashes of colour) up by more than 500 per cent.
  5. Statement doors– You know what they say about making a great first impression. Nothing does this like a fabulous statement door. Is it any wonder that searches for interesting, intriguing and colourful entryways are on the rise?
  6. French floors– Commonly found in chic Parisian apartments, French wooden floors are characterised by their interesting herringbone design.
  7. Metallics– Mixed metals have been in vogue for the last few years and it’s clear they are not going anywhere based on global Pinterest search results.
  8. Statement ceilings– No longer relegated to basic ‘ceiling white’, ceilings are now being given a new lease of life and the predictions are that this trend will be huge this year. Think graphic patterns and colourful prints using wallpaper, painted patterns, exposed beams, sleek textures, and even custom ceiling coverings like timber.


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