The benefits of story-telling when selling property

As human beings we all love a good story. But by story, we are not just referring to the kind told in a book, on the stage or in a movie. Stories are a part of everyday life, whether or not we realise it.

If you were asked to recall the date of the best holiday you have ever had and the name of every restaurant you visited and hotel you stayed at you would probably struggle. But ask you to recall the funny and unique stories that made that trip so special and you would likely be able to re-tell those stories as though they happened yesterday. 

Marketing experts have long tapped into our love of stories, which is why so many brands apply storytelling into their advertising and marketing campaigns. There’s even a term for it: ‘brand story’. Apple’s Steve Jobs was a masterful storyteller. In fact, the tech powerhouse continues to employ his storytelling techniques in their brand strategies today. If you pay attention to Apple marketing, you will see that they don’t sell the product itself. They sell the experience and lifestyle benefits that the product creates.

It’s no different when it comes to selling bricks and mortar property. It is important to tell the story as well as showcase the features. That’s because it is generally not until a buyer connects with their future home on an emotional level that they feel compelled to make an offer. Good storytelling grabs their attention and allows them to imagine what it would feel like to live in that property and neighbourhood. We know this through experience, studying the research into buyer behaviour and training. That’s why we invest in professional copywriting, photography and digital brochures for all the properties we sell.

There are also times when nothing beats a great video to showcase a property, its location and surrounding area. Did you know we now produce videos, including music selection, location footage and professional voiceover scripts to help paint the complete lifestyle picture and tell the full story?

Our video for 70 Chatsworth Avenue, Highgate attracted a large number of views and, combined with the full marketing package, enticed 81 groups to the first open home last weekend and 6 written offers. 

Telling a great real estate story begins by identifying your target audience. Are they first homebuyers? Are they busy professionals looking to live close to work and entertainment precincts? Are they families with young children or active teens? Are they empty nesters keen to downsize the to-do list at home?

Once the target market has been identified, we can create messages in our marketing story that will connect with them and engage them on an emotional level. This is why we ask questions like: what have you loved most about living in your home? Is there any hidden value in the home that we wouldn’t know about unless you tell us about it? Once a potential buyer is emotionally engaged with a home, they will do everything in their power to make it their own. And the more buyers like this we attract, the stronger the competition. This is how offers above asking price occur and street records are achieved.

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