Preparing your home for an autumn sale

Timing the sale of your property can make all the difference. Many people assume the warmer months, especially Spring, are the best time to sell, but in truth, all seasons have their advantages. And Autumn is up there with having a significant number of benefits.

Here are 4 reasons that make Autumn a great time of year to sell:

  1. Cooler weather – March, April and May are generally the milder, more temperate months of the year. Not only does this make it easier to get out into the garden and get your property looking inspection-ready, but it generally also means there are more buyers out and about, attending Home Opens.
  2. Time to realise the New Year’s Resolutions – Upsizing, downsizing or moving to a more desirable location are common New Year’s resolutions. People who have made a resolution to move are generally more active in the first few months of the year, particularly from March when everyone in the household has settled into their usual routines, from work to school and uni.
  3. Less competition – Because many people assume Spring is the time to sell, there tend to be fewer properties to compete with in Autumn. And right now buyer demand significantly outweighs supply giving you even more of an advantage.
  4. Autumn styling – There are so many ways to showcase your home with Autumn inspired styling to engage the senses and make buyers feel truly at home in your property. It’s not hard to take advantage of this.

Tips to make the most of your Autumn sale

Change of season style – Pack away your high summer decorative items and style your home with an Autumn theme – think warm and inviting colours and textures for throws and cushions as the days begin to cool and beautiful flower or foliage arrangements in Autumnal colours.

Curb-side appeal – Ensure you are making the most of your curb-side appeal as most buyers will do a drive-by before inspecting. Walk across the road and assess your property as though you are a buyer. This will give you a good indication of what needs to be done, e.g. painting the fence, pressure washing the facade, driveway and paths, cleaning the windows, tidying up the garden etc.

Gutters and drainage – Autumn is notorious for overflowing gutters and downpipes due to falling leaves from deciduous trees. Buyers do not want to see a roof line overflowing as it gives the impression the home is not well maintained. So clear your gutters or get help from a professional.  

The Autumn garden – Gardens can look spectacular in Autumn. Head to your local nursery and pick up some seasonal flowering plants and either add them to your front entrance area in beautiful pots that you can take with you when you move or plant them in your existing garden beds.

Check your heating systems – If you have reverse cycle air conditioning, now is a good time to have your units serviced. Other heating systems should also be checked for safety and efficiency, such as gas heaters and fireplaces. On colder Autumn days, there’s nothing more inviting than a comfortably warm (not hot) home to welcome buyers.

Let there be light – As the days get shorter, you will need to rely on your internal lights to create a feeling of light and space, so ensure your internal lighting is adequate and that you have the right bulbs (cool or warm light and the right wattage) for the room. Check your window treatments as well to ensure they are not making a room feel dark and uninviting.

Timing for home opens – As the days begin to get shorter, ensure your Home Opens are conducted at a time when your home receives maximum natural light.

Protect the pool – If you have a pool and a garden with deciduous trees, consider investing in a pool blanket to catch the leaves as they fall. That will save you an enormous amount of time on your Home Open days. Simply roll back the blanket to reveal a clean, inviting pool.

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