Tips to help your adult kids make their rental application stand out

With relief in sight as Perth rents begin to show signs of stabilising, many parents and their adult kids are no doubt breathing a sigh of relief knowing they can move on with their next chapter. For parents, it could mean the chance to sell and downsize the large home and to-do list. For their adult kids, it means having their own independence and freedom with a place of their own. 

Although Perth rents are beginning to stabilise, there is still a significant rental shortage in WA. This means competition amongst prospective tenants to secure a rental property continues to be high. As a result, having a strong rental application that stands out from others is critical.

So, how do you make your rental application stand out? Below are 6 tips to use yourself when applying for a rental property or to share with your adult kids to help with theirs.

1. Be honest & thorough

This may seem obvious, but many prospective tenants either fail to complete all necessary details on the application or deliberately withhold information or stretch the truth, thinking it won’t be thoroughly checked. Leaving sections blank, providing incorrect information or neglecting to include references could mean losing the property to someone who has been honest and thorough in the application process.

2. Treat it as a job application

When you apply for a job, you would always ensure your CV stands out and is up to date. Treat your rental application as a CV for renting and have a list of documents ready to submit with your application, such as ID and proof of income. A letter from your employer or HR department together with recent payslips will do the job.

3. Include written references

Don’t be afraid to ask for written references to enhance your application and let your referees know you have included them so they know to expect a call. If you have rented before, ask for a written reference from your previous property manager to verify that you were/are a good tenant with a good payment track record. Don’t worry if you’ve never rented before. Everybody has to start some time. If you have paid board to your parents or have a regular savings track record, include statements from your account to verify this.

4. Check your spelling, grammar and document presentation

Presentation matters, even when submitting electronically. Ensure your application is free of grammatical and spelling errors and that all attachments are easy to read.

5. Include a cover letter

As is the case with a job application, a brief, professionally written cover letter will help make your application stand out from the rest. Include details like how much you would love to live in the property, what makes you a great tenant and how you intend to look after the property.

6. Include a pet resume if you have a pet

If the property you are going for allows pets and you have a furry friend to bring with you, consider preparing a pet resume that includes information like your pet’s breed, age, nature, registration and microchipping information and a reference from someone who has lived with your pet or your vet.

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