Live mode versus sell mode

One of the most common mistakes people make when they put their property on the market is to put it on too quickly.

The time it takes to prepare a home for sale depends on the state of the property, the motivation of the owners and the time and money they have to spend on it. The duration between ‘live mode’ and ‘sell mode’ hinges on two key things – the preparation required and the owner’s end goal. So what do we mean when we say, ‘live mode’ and ‘sell mode’?

When an owner is enjoying and living in their property, they are in ‘live mode’. However, when an owner decides to sell, a shift in mindset has to occur.

It is important to prepare the home correctly and turn it from a home they enjoy living in, to a home that buyers could imagine themselves living in – a marketable property that is ready to be advertised, showcased and sold.

Tips to transition your home from live mode to sell mode

• Start the move now by packing away any items you don’t absolutely need while the property is on the market.
• De-clutter. This doesn’t mean removing everything to the point where the home looks bare and uninviting. It simply means creating space so a potential new owner can imagine moving their possessions into each room. De-cluttering will also give the illusion of extra space in more compact homes.
• Depersonalise. Take down your family photos, Grandma’s tapestry and your children’s artwork. Let the property breathe.

Buyers coming through a property want to visualise themselves living there. They can only do that if the property presents not as the owner’s home but as their potential new home. A professional agent will help you showcase the property’s best features and how the potential purchaser could live there.

Transitioning from live mode to sell mode generates the emotional connection needed to drive a successful sale.

Post by ShelMarkblog 18 Apr 2019 0