Saying goodbye to your home – moving day rituals

If you’ve just sold your much-loved home and are working your way through the practicalities of moving, don’t be surprised if you are overcome with emotion. Leaving can be harder than you may think. This is especially true if you’ve lived in your home for many years and/or have not moved much in your life before.

Saying farewell to one chapter of your life is not often spoken about, but certain rituals can make saying goodbye to your home easier, so you leave with fond memories that you will cherish forever rather than just trying to shut the door on that chapter for good without proper closure.

Here are a few meaningful rituals you may like to try when leaving one home to move to another.

  • For children – It can be hard for children to leave the familiarity of the only home they have known so far. If you know other children are moving in, suggest that your children may like to leave some notes telling the new kids about special places they have loved, such as the cubby house in the backyard or the playground down the road.
  • A handwritten note from you to the new owners – this ritual can be just as comforting for you as it can be for the kids. Let the new owners know one or two things that they may not be aware of, like how amazing the sunrises are from the bedroom window, how wonderful the neighbours are or where to get the best coffee.
  • Take time to stop and reflect on memories – take a moment away from the stress of packing to walk into each room of the house and into the garden and quietly reflect on your favourite memories there. You may even like to write them down.
  • Make an album – collect a series of photos depicting the memories you have made in the home over the years and make an album (digital or hard copy), calling it ‘Home’ or something similar. This way you can add a new chapter to the album to start capturing memories in the next home.
  • Take a cutting from a favourite plant in the garden – obviously we’re not suggesting you rip out a plant from your garden, just a cutting that you could potentially grow in your new garden as a reminder of your last home.
  • Say goodbye out loud as you leave – this may sound silly, but it is a ritual that can help make you feel ready to close one door (literally and figuratively) and move on to the next adventure.

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