Making the most of Perth’s win-win market for sellers & buyers

With more properties hitting the market for sale in Perth, faster average selling times and strong buyer enquiry and turnouts at our Home Opens, it continues to be an excellent time to sell. But it’s also a great time to buy, despite what some may think.

We are currently looking to list more properties to help the many buyers we are working with into their next home. It truly is a win-win market right now for both sellers and buyers and an experienced professional in residential property sales will make all the difference to your buying and selling experience, both in terms of service and profitability.

As a boutique agency serviced by a professional husband and wife team with decades of experience in Perth residential property sales, we have the time to focus on you and your property and are available to personally help you navigate every step of the process.

Here’s what we have observed from the current market:

  • An increase in the number of properties on the market.
  • Strong buyer enquiry and turnout at our Home Opens with many qualified buyers missing out.
  • The average days on market has improved. In most cases it is sitting between 14 and 40 days.
  • It’s a good time for sellers, but pricing is still very important. Some sellers think they can set an unrealistic price on their home, and much of this is being fuelled by the media. But in our experience on the ground, now is not the time to be greedy. You can expect a good sales price right now, but not an unrealistically sky-high price, as some would have you believe.
  • It is also a good time for buyers right now as they can expect some solid value growth in their purchased property over the next year or two.

Remember, choose your agent as though you are seeking the best employee for the most important role in a company. The difference between a good and a poor sales agent can be up to 10% of the value of your home. So don’t look for the cheapest selling agent, look for one who will get you the best outcome and who has the time to dedicate to you and your property. There’s no point saving a few thousand on commission if you receive tens of thousands less in the sale of your property.

If you would like to know how much your property is worth in today’s fast-moving market (even if you’re just curious), call Shelley on 0417 963 670 or Mark on 0411 552 309 for an obligation free market appraisal, which includes a comprehensive report and a chat with us about your property goals and how you could maximise the price you achieve.

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