Uncovering the invisible value in your property

Every home has a story and nobody knows that story (or your home) like you do. That’s why when pricing and marketing your home, we do more than just inspect it, take beautiful photos and have professional copy written. We want to know the full story. And we want your target buyers to know it too.

So, we ask you to share everything from your favourite memories to the ‘invisible or hidden value’ buyers may not notice during an inspection (like the friendly neighbours, the underfloor heating, the storage in the roof, and so on).

Your memories, stories and appreciation of your home’s best features will help us attract your ideal buyer and engage them on an emotional level.

That’s why we may ask you questions like the following during our appraisal meeting with you:

  • What first drew you to your home?
  • What have you loved most about living in your home? 
  • What have you loved about the location? (great neighbours, close to parks and shops etc.)
  • What do your family and friends say about your home when they visit?
  • Who do you envisage your buyer to be?
  • What are you going to miss about the property when you leave?

The invisible value in your home

Every feature in your home has a dollar value. You could miss out on thousands of dollars if we don’t know and highlight all the invisible features. These are features that could easily be missed during an inspection. It is important for you to share this information with us for 2 key reasons:

  1. It will help us price your home in line with ALL its value.
  2. To help generate emotional engagement from buyers.

When we showcase your property to potential purchasers, we need them to fall in love with it so they want to buy it and will compete on price with other buyers to make it theirs if they have to. This is best achieved when there is emotional engagement. So, in addition to sharing your stories and memories of living in your home, one of the most powerful ways to achieve this is by highlighting your home’s invisible value.  

This is things you have invested in that we wouldn’t know about unless you tell us. Some examples could be underfloor heating, roof and/or wall insulation, the beautiful recycled timber hearth over the fireplace, the solid galvanised steel frame, the sought-after school zone, the short walk to the playground or park, the energy efficiency etc.

We don’t want to leave any stone unturned. Every feature and all your memories and stories help to promote buyer engagement and therefore increase the value in the final offer we can generate. 

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