Top 5 tips to sell your home in summer

We are fortunate in Perth to be blessed with a Mediterranean climate. Our summers are therefore warm to hot and dry with very little rainfall, making us the sunniest capital in Australia. This means summer is a great time to sell, as long as you follow a few tips to showcase how well your home is capable of combating the heat and keeping occupants cool and comfortable when the weather really heats up, especially during our typically hottest month of the year – February.

Another benefit to consider for selling this summer is that many people are tired after months of being indoors and doom and gloom due to COVID-19 and are keen to get out and about. This year more than ever, all eyes will be on your outdoor living options, so make the most of any alfresco spaces you have, even if it’s just a balcony.

Here are 5 tips to get you prepared for a summer sale:

1. Choose your inspection times carefully

Try holding your inspection times earlier in the morning in summer to avoid the hottest part of the day. Given Christmas and the holiday season also fall in summer, it’s important to factor this in when planning your home opens. If you are going to auction, consider holding off until late January when most people are back from holidays.

2. Give your garden extra love

With Perth’s hot dry summers, it’s important to do whatever you can to keep your lawns and gardens looking as green as possible. Water regularly – adhering to any water restrictions – using sprinklers or handheld hoses early in the morning or in the evening to ensure the majority of water is absorbed rather than evaporated in the heat of the sun. If you decide to add to your garden beds ahead of selling, ensure you select plants that will survive the heat of summer. Ask your local nursery for advice.

3. Style your alfresco area

As mentioned, today’s buyer is looking for an alfresco space in which they can envisage themselves and their family and friends relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors while being protected from the elements. When styling your home in preparation for a summer sale, make sure you also focus on your alfresco area. Even just a few well-placed outdoor lounges and shade umbrellas will spark a buyer’s imagination. And if you don’t have any outdoor furniture, it may be worth buying a few pieces because you take them with you when you move. Alternatively, you may be able to borrow some items for the campaign period.

4. Let there be light and fresh air

Open your windows and blinds/curtains early in the morning on the day of an open home to let the fresh air in and flood your home with natural light. If it’s a hot day, close the windows before the home open, but leave the blinds and curtains open as the more natural light, the more spacious your rooms will appear. Keep clutter to a bare minimum and consider styling your home in cool summer accessories (keep the heavier, warm toned throws and cushions for winter).

5. Keep it cool

If it’s a hot day, run your air conditioner at a cool, pleasant temperature (don’t crank it up so it feels like the inside of a fridge). This will provide welcome relief to prospective buyers coming in from the heat outside and will help engage their senses and encourage them to take their time. If it is uncomfortably warm inside, buyers will rush their inspection in order to leave and get back to the comfort of their car air conditioning as quickly as possible. If you don’t have air conditioning, have your ceiling fans going and keep blinds shut until just before inspection time to keep the hot air out. Well-kept and strategically placed indoor plants add to the sense of coolness and tranquillity in a home too.

As your local residential real estate specialists, we know the local summer real estate market trends and which features impress buyers in our area the most. Even if you’re not ready to sell, it pays to chat to us early for strategic advice (including how to prepare your property for sale) and a current marketplace appraisal. Contact us to make a time.

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