8 home features Aussie buyers want in 2020

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When you’re selling your home it pays to think like a buyer. Realestate.com.au keeps track of what buyers look for in a home and they say it changes over time. Recent data has revealed that Australian buyers are seeking the following right now:

1. Two living zones & seamless flow

Open plan is no longer the ‘be all and end all’. Buyers today are looking for a home with more than one living zone and seamless flow. For the modern family buyer, the ideal floor plan consists of two living areas, so the kids can have their own space away from the parents from time to time and they don’t all feel like they’re living on top of each other. Also desirable is at least 3 bedrooms on one level or in a separate part of the house (such as kids bedrooms together and the master bedroom separate for privacy).

2. Plenty of natural light

Natural light will make any space appear more welcoming and therefore desirable. Even a home with a less than ideal aspect will be popular with buyers if the home feels open and allows plenty of natural light in through strategically positioned windows and skylights. This is seen as more important by many buyers today than a beach or city view.

3. Quality finishes

Quality finishes impress modern buyers. While most buyers don’t mind having to make some minor changes to a home after purchasing it, like a fresh coat of paint and some gardening, the idea of having to replace cheap finishes like joinery and tapware is a deterrent for some. If you are going to renovate in order to sell, ensure it’s not done on the cheap. You could be better off leaving an old kitchen or bathroom than replacing it with a new but substandard one.

4.  Homes that haven’t been over-renovated

Making minor adjustments to make your home more appealing to buyers is one thing but taking a renovation too far just to sell is generally not recommended. For some buyers it’s actually a deal breaker if a home has been renovated to a point where it appeals to the seller but is not the renovation the new owner would have done. It also makes them feel as though the price has been bumped up because of the recent renovation, which in most cases is likely to be true. Touch up and style, but don’t overdo things before selling.

5. Practicality over luxury

Some sellers confuse quality finishes with luxury finishes. The truth is, while today’s buyer appreciates quality finishes in a property, they prefer practicality over luxury statements, which they see as things they can add later if they wish, like statement pendant lights and window treatments. If a home isn’t regarded as practical, a buyer may see this as a red flag because they will perceive a need to make expensive structural changes.

6. Swimming pools are back

Swimming pools lost their desirability a while back but they are very much back in vogue now, according to keywords buyers are searching for on realestate.com.au. This is believed to be largely because of our busy lives, making Aussies time poor and therefore wanting to enjoy their time at home more. Having a pool at home ensures there’s no need to pack up the car and go out for some family fun.

7. A garage, preferably double

This preference not only comes down to convenience and security, but also future saleability.

8. Solar panels and sustainable design

A desire for solar panels and sustainable design in a home is a clear indication that Aussies are becoming more environmentally conscious and aware of the financial benefits of tapping into solar power and passive sustainable design. The fact that they ask about it shows they are doing their research.

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