8 DIY self-isolation project ideas

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With social distancing rules in force and restaurants and recreational facilities closed, most of us not only have more time on our hands, but we are also spending that time at home. For some people this comes with a fear of boredom. Others can’t wait to put their time and latent DIY skills to good use.

Why not make the most of this time by giving your home a good refresh and the TLC you normally struggle to find the time to give.

Here are 8 DIY home reno ideas to do while you’re social distancing at home.

  1. A fresh coat of paint

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint on the walls, ceilings, skirting boards, window frames and doors to spruce up any home interior. Neutral is always the safest option, but you could always select one wall in a room to feature with a highlight colour of your choice if you want to make a statement.

  1. Rearrange the furniture

Spending day in day out at home could leave you feeling bored and uninspired after a while. A re-shuffle of your existing furniture can be enough to revive your space and give you the sensation of a more dramatic change. It may even open up more space than you ever thought you had.

  1. Give your garden a makeover

Spending more time at home doesn’t mean you have to be confined indoors. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, take advantage of the time you now have up your sleeve by showing it some TLC too. Start with the basics – mow the lawns, weed the gardens, prune the overgrowth etc. You may even like to start your own veggie patch. If you don’t have a garden, think about how you could spruce up a balcony or veranda. A vertical herb garden can be both practical and beautiful on even the smallest balcony. And while you’re outdoors, you’re also loading up on vitamin D!

  1. Replace door handles and other fittings

It’s amazing how much difference new tapware, drawer and door handles can make to a home. Best of all you don’t even have to worry about leaving home for the parts, as most can be ordered online and delivered to your door.

  1. Cosy up your decor for the cooler months ahead

Once again, you can order everything you desire online, from cosy throws and cushions to artwork, candles and other home decor.

  1. Make something old look new again

Do you have an old piece of timber furniture in your home that has seen better days? Why not sand it back and give it a lick of varnish. Bunnings are offering a home delivery service and even provide a range of tutorials to ensure you use the right product and technique for the type of timber you are working on.

  1. Make some new curtains or cushion covers

Like to sew? Have a sewing machine at home? Why not select some beautiful fabric and make some new curtains or cushion covers? Explore patterns, colours and textures that complement the rest of the decor in your home.

  1. Paint your bathroom tiles

Painting tiles can be a great and inexpensive way to spruce up a tired looking bathroom without going the added expense of pulling them up and replacing them.


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