Time to get organised – 6 hacks from the professionals

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With the holidays over for most of us and the kids about to go back to school, now is the ideal time to get more organised at home.

Not only does being organised help us get back into a routine and run the household smoothly, it’s also great for our mindset. A cluttered, disorganised space usually equates to a lack of clarity and focus. And if you’re thinking of selling, de-cluttering and organising your home is a great place to start. But where to begin?

The fact that organising and decluttering is in the too hard basket for many has created a thriving industry for professional organisers. But it doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as you may think. We have put together a list of 6 of the best products/tips that professional organisers swear by for their own homes and for their clients to help you.

  1. Rubbish bags in different colours

This is a simple tip but so effective, especially when doing a big clean out. It could be as simple as using black bags for rubbish, white for charity donations and green for family hand-me-downs.

  1. Shelf dividers

Do you struggle to find what you want to wear and when you do, it needs re-ironing because you find it in a crumpled mess? And how many times have you re-organised your drawers, folded everything neatly only to find it in a mess again within a week? Shelf dividers are a simple inexpensive organisation hack to neatly put everything in its place and keep it that way. They are must have items in every professional organiser’s toolkit.

  1. Well-stocked trays

A simple tray is not only a way to add visual appeal (such as a decorative tray on a bathroom vanity containing the soap dispenser, hand cream and a nice candle or diffuser) trays also work well to keep everything organised and tidy in walk-in wardrobes, studies/home offices and pantries.

  1. Using hidden spaces wisely

If you look carefully there are many hidden or dead spaces in the home that you could utilise as storage space. For instance, space under the bed is ideal for storing seasonal clothes like winter coats and woollies vacuum-sealed in storage bags to protect them from dust and minimise bulk. Put the dead space under stairways to good use as well. Another idea is to place shelves above doorways in small areas, ideal for a space challenged bathroom for storing items like spare towels and toilet paper.

  1. Stainless steel shelving

Be creative if there is a lack of cabinet space in your kitchen and/or the cabinet space you have is over-cluttered making finding what you need a challenge. Strategically mounted stainless steel shelves are a great option for storing anything from bulky appliances and blenders to cookbooks and even crockery.

  1. A sense of humour, a to-do list and a deadline

Some of the best tips have nothing to do with products you can buy. For success when de-cluttering and organising your home you need the right mindset, a to-do-list with a pen to tick things off as you go and a dedicated window of time to get it done. If you don’t have a deadline you risk procrastinating and getting bogged down flicking through every old album or journal you find. A sense of humour never goes astray when organising either. As they say, for every job – pleasant or unpleasant – do it with a smile.

Here’s to an organised, harmonious 2020!

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