Why design didn’t win The Block (& what did)

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The Block is one of the most popular programs on Australian free to air television. Whether or not you watch it, the outcome is interesting for all property owners. Why? Because it reveals that even with the best, on trend design that professionals rave about, it’s what the buyers want that determines the winner in the end.

This year, the winners chosen by the judges and professional designers for having the best overall design came third for their auction result (a profit of $430,000). Known as the ‘Boho Duo’, Deb and Andy were “clear winners” in the eyes of the judges but not in the eyes of bidders.

Making a whopping $750,000 profit, the winners at auction and therefore the overall champions of The Block 2019 were Tess and Luke, aka ‘Contempo-a-go-go’.

As the youngest contestants on The Block, Tess and Luke cleaned up at auction but interestingly many of their spaces were considered “anything but risky”. According to the judges, aside from their “jaw-dropping” bathroom, their kitchen, dining spaces and master bedroom were “all pretty expected; nothing we haven’t seen on The Block before”.

What Tess and Luke did deliver that was different from anyone else and that was a clear winner in the eyes of buyers was a stylish granny flat.

Second place was also interesting. Dubbed ‘Mid Century Melbs’, Matt and Elise were scored in the middle by the judges who thought their spaces lacked pizazz and were too “safe”. But buyers either didn’t share their view or preferred a design that wasn’t too bold and daring. Failing to do anything too out of the box saw them walk away with a hefty profit and second place at auction.

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What can we learn from this?

The key is to think like your target buyer when preparing your home for market. Generally a safe, neutral and contemporary design palette is your best choice because it will appeal to the majority of buyers. It also helps them imagine their own furniture and homewares in the property, which is your aim when selling because this will encourage emotional connection.

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