The pros of inner city apartment living

Whether you’re buying your first home, next home or downsizing from the family home, buying an apartment close to the city can bring many benefits, from better health and a more fulfilling lifestyle to saving money and living more sustainably. In fact there are many benefits to an inner-city lifestyle often overlooked.

With the population growing, the Great Australian Dream of the traditional house on a quarter acre block is changing. For starters, with the population of Australia expected to climb 60% to 37.6 million by 2050, smart, responsible urban planning is the future.

Studies have shown that inner city apartment dwellers tend to be healthier, happier, and more active and socially engaged than people living in the suburbs.

Here are 5 reasons why.

  1. AFFORDABILITY – Buying an apartment in a great lifestyle location is usually more affordable than buying a house in the same location. There is also the strong potential to save money living close to the city because so much is accessible by foot, bike or public transport, saving the cost of petrol and upkeep on the car (some decide to ditch the car when they live near the city). This leads to a more sustainable way of life, which is kinder to the planet and the hip pocket.
  2. WALKABLE NEIGHBOURHOOD – Urban living means living within walking distance from entertainment and recreational precincts, schools, work and public transport. All this walking makes urban dwellers more active, which in turn leads to numerous health and well-being benefits. Most urban residential areas these days are also built within close proximity to green open spaces.
  3. LIFESTYLE – There’s always a buzz around urban areas that you don’t typically find in the suburbs. And no matter what you enjoy doing, there’s something close to home to suit all tastes, from dining out and bar hopping to shopping, the theatre, live bands and museums/art galleries. Furthermore, because people work much closer to home, they spend more time at home with their loved ones, leading to greater happiness.
  4. LESS TO MAINTAIN – With a smaller home and only a terrace/balcony garden to look after, urban apartment dwellers spend less time looking after their homes and more time doing what they enjoy.
  5. ACCESS TO ONSITE FACILITIES – Many apartment complexes today include excellent onsite facilities for use by residents and their guests. Facilities may include a pool, gym, sauna, BBQ area and residents lounge area. So not only is there the potential to save a fortune in gym membership fees, but there is also greater incentive to work out when the facilities are right there on your doorstep.


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