Winter is here! Which window treatments lower your energy bills?

Winter has been a long time coming to Perth but temperatures are expected to plummet by the end of the week.

So it’s time to get cosy, bring out the heaters and switch the air conditioner to the heating setting.

At times like this though many people start to worry about their energy consumption at home, and with good reason given the rising costs of electricity and gas.

With this in mind, we thought it timely to share some expert advice on which window treatments lower your energy consumption and therefore reduce your bills. The advice applies in winter and summer.

Did you know uncovered windows are responsible for up to 40% of heat loss in winter and 50% of unwanted heat gain in summer? In winter this translates to an additional 10% on your energy bill for a drop in temperature within your home of just 1 degree.

Here are some window treatments that, when used correctly, will reduce your energy bill:

Curtains – Studies have shown that curtains made from block-out fabric can reduce heat gains by 33%. They also create an insulating air pocket between the fabric and the window resulting in greater control over the interior temperature of your home.

Pelmets – The addition of pelmets to your curtains creates even greater energy savings as they form a barrier to stop air that has risen to the top of the room from escaping over the top of the curtain and through the window.

Honeycomb blinds – Coming a close second to curtains and pelmets, honeycomb blinds can save you up to 32% in energy costs because their honeycomb shape traps air, providing superior insulation properties.

What about the windows themselves?
The Federal Department of Environment and Energy recommends double-glazing and window films for superior energy efficiency and thermal comfort.

Don’t forget your alfresco area.
Awnings and exterior blinds can help keep your interior temperature more consistent, resulting in greater comfort and significant cost savings. Independent tests have shown some awning brands offer energy cost reductions of up to 58%.

So get ready for winter and remember to close your window coverings when using your heater in the evenings to prevent heat loss and keep those energy bills manageable.

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