Renovating the bathroom? Here are 3 things to consider

Bathrooms are without a doubt one of the biggest sellers of a property. After all, who doesn’t love a luxurious, well-appointed bathroom? But it can also be one of the most expensive rooms in the house to renovate.

When starting any renovation project, whether it be in preparation to sell your home or just for yourself, planning is essential.

Here are 3 things to consider before embarking on your bathroom renovation project.

1. Your budget for the project

This may seem obvious but it’s amazing how many people dive into a project without first considering their budget and knowing where their limit is. Start by working out the maximum amount you have to spend and then create a clear plan of what you wish to achieve. It is a good idea to write down 2 lists – one for your ‘must haves’ and another for ‘wants’.

When calculating the costs, start with the ‘must have’ list. These are the essential renovation components, such as a new toilet, practical storage and vanity, tiling, tapware and a new shower. Perhaps your existing bath is fine but it would be great to have a nice new fancy one. So that would be added to your ‘wants’ list. You may also desire underfloor heating but realise that practical storage is far more important. So you would also add underfloor heating to your wish list.

Once you have added up the costs of your ‘must have’ items, you may find there is room in the budget to add a couple of desirable elements. If there’s no room in the budget however, be firm and stick to the plan.

2. The original layout of your bathroom

If you want to save money, think about your bathroom’s original design and aim to keep the layout of your new bathroom similar. Repositioning a shower, bath or toilet will cost you far more than replacing the existing shower, bath and toilet with new ones but leaving them in the same position. This is because there is a lot of labour involved to relocate plumbing to accommodate a new layout.

Of course if you have the funds to change the design because a different layout would create more space and light etc. then go for it. But if money is tight, you can save yourself a lot by keeping your plumbing in place and simply replacing the old with the new.

3. Hire a professional

Unless you are a plumber or builder, renovating the bathroom is not a DIY project. Leave it to a professional. Obtain two to three quotes, but don’t just look for the cheapest price, as tempting as it may be. When assessing each quote consider the professional’s:

• Skills
• Workmanship
• Availability
• Commitment to the job

Have a look at their website or social media pages to read the reviews/testimonials they have received from others. If possible speak to a couple of former clients about their experience.

Happy renovating!

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