Linen Closet Hacks – because presentation of every part of your home matters when selling

We all know presentation matters when you’ve got your home listed for sale. But there’s one area many sellers neglect to think about when preparing their home for sale and the all-important Home Opens – their cupboards, most notably one that is often the messiest, most disorganised cupboard in the house – the linen closet.

Storage is seen as a high value benefit

Most people who attend an Open Home open cupboards and drawers – with a focus on kitchen and bathroom cupboards, wardrobes and linen closets. This is because storage space in a home is seen as a high value benefit to most buyers.

Be honest. Is your linen closet a dumping ground for every single set of sheets and towels you’ve ever owned?

Do you struggle to find matching sheets and fold them neatly (especially the dreaded fitted sheets)?

Even if your linen closet space is not the largest, there are ways to make it appear far more spacious than it is by trying the following simple tips (as first shared on by professional organiser, Robyn Amott).

7 tips to organise your linen closet into the functional space it’s meant to be

  1. Keep like with like items together, e.g. kids’ doona sets with single sheet sets, adult doona sets with queen/king sized sheet sets, etc.
  2. Separate each category into ‘zones’ by inserting extra shelves and/or dividers into the linen closet.
  3. Use very part of the space – the depth and height of your linen closet rather than just the width.
  4. Get rid of worn, ripped, stained or unwanted linen.
  5. Store items in sets and ‘envelope’ matching pillows inside the main doona or flat sheet. See the folding hack.
  6. Store away out-of-season linen or start packing linen into boxes ready for your move (but don’t be tempted to pack it all away – a well-sorted linen closet presents better to buyers than an empty one).
  7. Free up space in your linen cupboard by relocating towels into the bathrooms in which they are utilised.

Click here for a folding hack to show you how to neatly fold those sheet sets once and for all.


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