Can you build wealth through property 10 years from retirement?

If you’re in or approaching your mid to late 50’s and you think you’ve missed the boat to create a nest egg for your retirement by investing in property, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that all is not lost.

While it generally takes time to build financial freedom and it is a little more challenging the older you are (in an ideal world you would start planning in your 30’s or earlier), it is possible with as little as ten or so years to go until retirement, as long as you play your cards right.

Voted Australia’s leading property investment adviser, Michael Yardney has written an in-depth report on the ins and outs of building wealth through property just 10 years out from retirement.

He uses a scenario of a married couple in their late 50’s who are only just starting to plan for their retirement to demonstrate what can be achieved.

The harsh reality is the majority of Australians won’t retire with enough superannuation to see them through the remainder of their lives. Read this in-depth article for Michael’s tips on how you can turn this around even if you are older.

Click here to read Yardney’s eye-opening article.

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