Tips to heat your home without breaking the budget

As the mercury drops it’s tempting to crank up the heating at home to keep warm and cosy during winter. But the last thing you want is to receive a frightening energy bill come the end of the season.

Fortunately there are some budget friendly options to keep you and your family comfortable throughout winter.

Here are a few sustainable ways to heat your home without breaking the budget:

1. Use your window treatments to your advantage – it may sound simple and obvious but many people fail to maximise the warmth generated by Perth’s glorious winter sun by leaving their curtains and blinds closed during the day. Once the sun sets and the temperature drops, closing blinds and curtains will help retain the heat generated during the day and prevent heat loss from heaters through the glass.

2. Close off unused rooms – closing the doors to any unused rooms in your home will ensure that whatever heating you choose in your home, it only warms up the rooms being used. This has the potential to save you a significant sum off your energy bill.

3. Rug up – We are not suggesting you have to wear numerous layers indoors here. By rugging up we are referring to adding rugs to wooden and tiled floors to make the space look cosy and feel warm underfoot.

4. Seal gaps – Identify, repair and fill any gaps in your floors, windows, doors and walls. It’s generally easy to identify where gaps are in your home simply by paying attention to any cold draughts as you walk though. Sealing gaps with putty or sealant you can purchase at your local hardware store will help keep the cold out and the warmth in.

5. Insulate – Although this tip costs more than the others to implement, insulating your roof is well worth the investment. It creates a barrier to heat coming in to your home in summer and prevents heat from escaping in winter. This one change can reduce your energy bill by up to 50% and help keep you comfortable year-round.


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