Melville Talks – the new online forum to have your say

Did you know that the City of Melville has created an online community hub for residents and business owners within our community to come together to have their say and connect?

Launched in April, Melville Talks was also developed to give the community an opportunity to stay up-to-date with projects and developments of interest to them.

City of Melville Mayor, Russell Aubrey said, “The type of projects and conversation topics posted on Melville Talks are diverse, reflecting the well over 200 products and services the City provides to the community.”

He added that information available can include concept plans, sketches, urban and development projects, improvements to public spaces, updates to community facilities, and suburb chats, to name just a few.

Almost 4,000 residents are registered on the community hub. In the first month alone, Melville Talks recorded 13,000 page views and has now recorded a total of 72,000 page views since its launch just a few months ago.

An example of how feedback from the online forum is being used constructively is the recent City’s Housing Needs Survey, which saw more than 3,500 people take part. The collected feedback from the survey will be used to better plan for future housing needs across City of Melville suburbs.

It’s not only projects that are open for discussion on the forum. Melville Talks also provides residents with a place to share knowledge, ideas and community intelligence through Topic Talks and Suburb Talks. There are currently 14 topics of interest open.

To join the conversation, visit

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