Does smell really sell?

Acclaimed chef and MasterChef co-host and judge Gary Mehigan was asked by to test the theory that filling your home with a beautiful aroma will increase its value by appealing to the senses of buyers. Gary was joined by Scent Specialist, Dr Megan Thornton to ensure there would be an element of science attached to the experiment. The pair called the experiment ‘science vs cooking’.

How was the experiment run?

Six separate groups of people walked through the one home on different days. Each group was subjected to a different scent in the air. Every individual within each group was then asked to estimate how much they felt the home was worth.

So what were the scents wafting through the home? Along with the obligatory freshly baked bread, Gary baked chocolate brownies, a roast chicken and made a pot of freshly brewed coffee, while Dr Thornton put out an infuser, which exuded a special fresh citrus blend she had created. Each group was subjected to a different aroma, with one group even subjected to the scent of smelly socks lingering in the air.

Group 1 – Freshly baked bread

Group 2 – Freshly brewed coffee

Group 3 – Smelly socks

Group 4 – Roast chicken

Group 5 – Dr Thornton’s special citrus blend

Group 6 – Chocolate brownies

Which sent do you think came out on top? Or perhaps you think scent had no impact at all. Click on the link to view the short video and find out for yourself.


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