‘tis the season to be planning your next move

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We know planning for Christmas is on everyone’s minds right now. But once the big day is behind us, that’s when many peoples’ minds turn to home improvements and planning for the year ahead, especially if you’re having some time off.

If one of your plans is to sell and move in 2020, whether it be to upgrade to a bigger, better home or to right size to a smaller home, the post Christmas period is the perfect time to get your property in tip top shape.

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Why it pays to present your property at its best 

Home sales can be compared to a popularity contest. If you had genuinely comparable properties listed next door to each other, the one that presents the best will sell faster and for more than the other one. This is true even if both properties have the same size land, the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms etc. Why? Because a beautifully presented property:

  • Gives the impression that the home has been well loved and maintained
  • Engages buyers on an emotional level, which is necessary to prompt them to make an offer.

You don’t need to spend a lot to make a big impact

Perhaps some painting, gardening and a good clean up is enough to spruce up your home in preparation for sale. But if you discover things like worn out gutters and cracked roof tiles, be prepared to spend some money on those types of repairs.

When assessing your home, start from the street. That’s the first impression a prospective buyer will have of your property so its crucial to make it count. If you notice your front fence could do with a fresh coat of paint, the garden needs some serious pruning and weeding and your letterbox has seen better days, those things are worth paying attention to in order to create that vital great first impression.

Pay attention to the entrance to your home also. Does your front door need a fresh coat of paint? Perhaps it would benefit from being painted in a different colour? Don’t forget to clean your windows and give some love to the driveway with the help of a Kartcher (you could hire one if you don’t have one). If you have a front porch or veranda, add some life to the space with some outdoor furniture and a feature pot plant.

Summer is the perfect time to showcase your alfresco areas, so money spent doing up these areas is generally money well spent. Remember, any furniture or homewares you buy will come with you to your new home.

Your ultimate goal when preparing your home to sell is to engage buyers on an emotional level. Anything you do that generates excitement and allows them to imagine themselves living in your home is money and time well spent.

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