Take your agent for a ‘test drive’

You only get one shot at achieving an excellent outcome when selling. So choose your agent wisely.

If interviewing a number of agents, why not take them for a ‘test drive’ before making your decision. Ask them to role-play a negotiation with you. You will soon discover that negotiation is the key skill that sets agents apart, a difference that can equate to tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket.


There’s an art to professional negotiation. It can literally make or break the outcome of a sale. In fact, negotiation is the only means by which an agent can generate a good profit for their client.

As a property owner, the agent you choose acts on your behalf. While your agent must present all offers from buyers to you, it is their job to negotiate with the buyer first if the offer doesn’t match the value in the home.

There is a saying in real estate that the worst thing you can do as a seller is put the wrong agent in front of the right buyer. At Shelmark, we take the sale of an owner’s property very seriously. We will work harder and smarter than any other agent to ensure you receive the outcome you deserve.

Don’t entrust the sale of your greatest financial asset to anyone less than a skilful negotiator.

Why not put us to the test!

Post by ShelMarkblog 18 May 2019 0