It’s about perspective

While Perth’s housing recovery remains fragile, we can’t lose sight of the fact that Australia’s GDP growth rate remains strong, confirming our resilience as a nation.

According to the latest National Accounts figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, we are now entering our 28th consecutive year of economic growth. Furthermore, between 2019 and 2023 our economy is predicted to outperform every other major advanced economy in the world. More significantly, Australia is the only country in the developed world to have experienced uninterrupted economic growth over the past 27 years. These are pretty impressive figures amidst all the ‘doom and gloom’ reports we keep reading about the national housing market.

What should we all take from this news? The bottom line is, while it may not always feel like it, we really do live in the lucky country, and things aren’t always as bad as they are portrayed in the media.

While the Perth housing market remains fragile, according to the latest figures released by CoreLogic, for the housing market to recover, demand must be created through sustainable employment opportunities in industries that are more stable than the mining and resources sector. With substantial infrastructure spending underway in WA, including the multi-million-dollar overhaul of many shopping centres like Garden City, those employment opportunities will come.

Our message to you is this …

If you want (or need) to sell your home or investment property, then you must employ a professional real estate agent who will work harder for you than anyone else, someone who has the experience to lead you through this less than ideal time.

Choose an agent who:

• Has the experience, skills and resources to implement world-class marketing campaigns that ensure your property will be noticed in a crowded market place,

• Won’t over-inflate your price or tell you what you want to hear just to please you but will be totally honest about the need to be realistic in your price expectation right now,

• Will advise you on the best way to present your house for sale so it appeals to your target markets.

• Will keep you informed every step of the way, and

• Suggests changes to your marketing and/or pricing to avoid the property become stagnant on the market.

As experienced real estate professionals, you can trust us to deliver all those benefits and commitments to you.


Last but not least, when you sell your home and buy another during a time when the market is less than ideal, the home you buy will also be priced lower than it would be when the market is performing well. So, the key is to focus on the changeover cost rather than just the price you achieve in your sale. If you wait until the market picks up, the price of your next home will go up too. So why wait?

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