Selling with pets – the do’s & don’ts

Almost one in two of us have a pet these days and as much as we all adore our furry four legged friends, it’s a different story for potential buyers.

The truth is, when selling your home your pet could be your biggest liability.

When selling you have to be objective about the way your property is presented and, like it or not, that includes your pet situation.

You must make sure your home appeals to the broadest spectrum of buyers possible and that includes buyers who don’t like animals for whatever reason. Some may be allergic to cats while others could be hypersensitive to animal odours that you may not even be aware of.

Here are 5 practical tips to keep in mind when selling with pets.

  1. Clean your home thoroughly, including removing any pet hair.
  2. Remove pet odours (often owners become so used to the smell that they are oblivious to it).
  3. Repair any damage caused by pets.
  4. Remove animal droppings (this may seem obvious but, believe it or not, there are some sellers who neglect to do this).
  5. Remove your pets from the property during home opens.

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Post by ShelMarkblog 12 Oct 2017 0