Auction Success Story – how we helped make it happen

With Auctions on the rise in Perth we thought we would share a recent Auction buying success story and let you know about a service we offer that not many people are aware of.

One of our long-term clients was keen to buy a property in Booragoon that was coming up for Auction through another agent. Not knowing much about buying and selling at Auction however our client was very apprehensive about bidding.

Although the property was listed with another agency, our clients came to us for advice, as we have known them for a long time and helped them buy and sell in the past.

I took them to view the property (29 Colleran Way, Booragoon) a total of three times. By this stage they were convinced that this was the home for them. However they remained concerned about their chances of securing it, as they had never been to an Auction before let alone bid at one.

We sat down together and I explained the Auction process to them in detail. We discussed whether or not they should make an offer prior to Auction, how to bid, and what to expect on Auction Day. I also provided them with sales evidence of similar properties that had sold recently in Booragoon so they were aware of the current market value.

The day before the Auction, my client’s husband had to take an overseas business trip. This left his wife to do the bidding. Knowing my client would be nervous, I accompanied her to the Auction and was there with her every step of the way, guiding her through the bidding process.

To my client’s absolute delight she was the successful bidder on the day and she and her husband are now enjoying their lovely new home in Booragoon! The result – a very happy buyer and seller.

This service is not only reserved for long-term clients. It is available for anyone who would like to bid at an auction (whether the property is listed with us or another agency) but is wary of the process. Allow us to help you too!

If you are interested in learning more about our FREE Auction Assistance Service, give us a call on 6267 5151.


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